Giveaway Craftmerahjambu 2012

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Assalammualaikum readers!

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Terma dan Syarat utk menyertai Giveaway Craftmerahjambu 2012.

1. First of all, u need to be my follower in my blog &  facebook (Craft Merah Jambu)

2. Click the 'like' facebook button (on the right side of this blog)

3. You must post about this blog's giveaway at your own blog or facebook or twitter or instagram or other social networks and don't forget to include the pictures of Craftmerahjambu's giveaway as above(tag ur friends too)! You also must link my blog in your post!

4. If u post more than one about my blogshop, u will get big chances to be the 3 lucky contestants!

5. Don't forget to leave your name, email address and URL link of your post (in the comment BOX of this post) & don't forget to pray that u're the lucky one!;))

That's it..simple rite? what are u waiting for? join this giveaway rite now
to win the mystery gifts! ;)
 Those who are fail to follow in time will not be included in the lucky draw list.

This giveaway
will start on Wednesday, 21st November and
will ends on Sunday, 2nd December 2012 at 11.59 p.m. 

You have 12 days only to join this blog's giveaway.

The names of the 3 lucky winners & the lovely+nice mystery GIFTS
will be announced
a week after of the closing date.

Please join and wish you all the best!

Hadiah :

Hadiah diimport dari KOREA. jom join.

Terima kasih baca entry ni. Jangan lupa datang lagi ke sini!


✿Hadifah Sabri✿ said...

Thank tag :D.. btw, macam mana nak buat kotak komen macam awak ni? :)

Pink.Craft said...

checked DONE! ;)
kalau menang, nk color apa eh?
pls reply kat ENTRY hadiah kt my blog k! thanks!