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One : My full name is Nuradilla Shahirah Binti Mohd Shamsuri
Two : I was born on 24th May 2000 at Sungai Petani, Kedah
Three : Now, i'm 18 years old | 
Four : Sungai Petani is the place i called home *insertloveemoji*
Five : Currently waiting for matriculation & university.
Six : My dreams university are University of Nottingham & University of Oxford.

Seven : I love Blogging, reading and stalking crush & celebrity crush on social media.

Eight : I want to be an civil engineering.
Nine : My height is 159cm and my weight is 1kg.
Ten : I do have lots of sweet & memorable memories.
Eleven : I miss the old me :(
Twelve : Well, i aim for 4Flat. Lets do it :)
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