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One : My full name is Nur Adilla Shahirah.
Two : I was born on 24 May 2000 at Wisma Doktor Aisyah , Kedah
Three : Now, i'm 15 years old | 
Four : My hometown is at Sungai Petani. 
Five : I school at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Ibrahim, Sungai Petani.
Six : I don't have boyfriend. I single and not available.

Seven : I love blogwalking, singing and dancing.

Eight : I want to be a doctor, singer or dancer.
Nine : My height is 159cm and my weight is 1kg.
Ten : My sweet memories is, I got 5A in UPSR. make my family proud of me.
Eleven : I miss my old friends 
Twelve : I hope i will get good result and be a good student, and daughter.

Thirteen : I love My family, Adopt siblings, My cat and hamsters.

Fourteen : I hate copycat, pimples, slow internet connection.
Fifteen : I want to wear a braces.
Sixteen : I want a new phone of Samsung galaxy young. *got it
Seventeen : I want a new laptop. (got it)
Read all?  ;)

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