New Year Giveaway

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❤ Top Refferal
Zink Shaklee

Shawl x 1 pemenang
Pashmina x 1 pemenang
Topup RM10 x 2 pemenang
Cute Keychain x 2 pemenang
Replica Sunglasses Rayban x 1 pemenang
Notebook cute x 1 peemnang
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New Year Giveaway by FD & FariqanAfina

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Senarai hadiah :

Novel x 1, face towel x 1, door stopper x 1, contact lens (power 0) x 1, bookmark dari Langkawi x 2, Smurf Shoes Hp Plug x 2, sabun susu beras x 1, 2 pcs shiseido mask x 1, topup RM10 x 2, topup RM5 x 2, set note clip x 2, set pen & keychain x 1, facial cleanser by Face Shop x 2, dua helai tudung bawal plain x 1, hadiah misteri x 1, felt brooch x 5, dan bookmark untuk 10 peserta terawal dan terakhir.

New Year Giveaway ditaja oleh Fatin Diana, Fariqan Afina, Syamimi Al-Fatihah, Airis Arissa, Nadratul Syazwana, Azyan Ramle, Syiera, Aiman Aziz, Azwar Syuhada, Lienda Liedot, Nur Farahain, Yumida, Fhatin Amelia, Coretan Mambang, Hatin Athirah, dan Little Khalifah.

Tamat 25 Januari 2014, 10 Malam.

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Mini GA Bookmark Limited Edition By Emas Putih

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Mini GA Bookmark Limited Edition By Emas Putih di anjurkan oleh Emas Putih dan disponser oleh Zara Nurhaidah dan Iluvtour. Siapa yang nak join sila tekan banner di atas :)

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BEAST’s Love and Ambition

2014’s love and ambition!

Doojoon: Firstly, after we properly promote in Korea, I’ll work hard to be able to meet the overseas fans. Personally, through the Korean drama ‘Let’s Eat’ I want to show everyone an improved version of me as an actor.
Hyunseung: To the people who still don’t know us, I want people to know us. Personally, I’ll work hard so that many people in Korea and Japan will show interest in us.
Junhyung: More than writing many songs, I hope that in the future the opportunities for magnificent singers singing my songs will increase. For example, like Yoseob-goon!  If a drama opportunity comes along and it does not get in the way of BEAST’s promotions, I’d like to challenge it once more. If I get to do it next time, I’d like to try a role where I’m weird and capricious somewhere.
Yoseob:  I don’t know if we can accomplish this but after a year, I want to hold a concert at Nissan stadium. At a place bigger than Tokyo Dome, to sing live for 3 days! Personally, I want to release my second solo album. Of course, you have to ask Junhyung-goon about the plan though♪
Kikwang:  More than the image in 2013, I want to show to the fans an improved side of me. In Japan, we’ve been promotion for one and a half years, personally I want to try my best and deliver results, with a new mindset/heart I want to do my best in everything.
Dongwoon: I want to let people hear more of BEAST’s new songs. Personally, for about 100-200 people, I want to perform (theatrically) alone in a small theatre! And… My language ability is high but why is it when I’m trying to speak Japanese, it comes out as English (laughs). I’ll work harder!

Doojoon – I’m attracted to a lady who has pretty eyes. I think I would understand older girls!
Hyunseung – Ever since I’ve read romance comics in high school, I’ve always wanted older girls.
Junhyung – I think when I’m facing problems, older girls can advise me on it; I would be able to rely on her!
Yoseob – I want to date with an older girl someday♥  Because she has lived longer, I would be able to rely on her.
Kikwang – Older girls have an image of being able to cure (me) warmly when (I’m) feeling exhaused.
Dongwoon – If she’s leading the younger me, seems like she could be surprisingly cute♥

Q. If I’m not a singer and I had another job, it’ll be?

Doojoon: A school teacher. (Kikwang: It doesn’t suit you!! The subject would be gym?) Gym is good but ethics and morality. (Kikwang: You cook well too so home economics is alright too) Right?
Hyunseung: I’ll be the boss in a music company♪ My secretary would be… Dongwoon-goon.  He’s smart.
Junhyung: A major shareholder and boss for a recording company. My accountant will be Yoseob-goon! (Kikwang:Junhyung-goon too should do well (in that role).  He won’t even be wrong about 0.01cents(laughs)!)
Yoseob:  An active boxing athlete with a world title… (Dongwoon: What!?).  If not, a director of a gym! My secretary will be the meticulous Dongwoon-goon and I’ll take the portfolio of the accountant! There will be no embezzlement and I’ll be saving costs.
Kikwang: The boss of an entertainment company. My secretary the reliable Yoseob-goon… Will be what I’m thinking but, a secretary needs to have good handwriting so…  Yoseob-goon’s handwriting is very unique (laughs)
Dongwoon: I want to be the owner of the Korean branch of ramen shop ‘Ichiran’! We are all fans of ‘Ichiran’.

Q.  On a day with no work/schedules, what do you do?

Doojoon: Fishing or soccer.
Hyunseung: I’ll play online games on the computer. I like spending time alone.
Junhyung: Fishing with Doojoon-goon or composing.
Yoseob: Boxing.
Kikwang: Eating delicious food and soccer.
Dongwoon: After waking up late, with the windows down, going out for a drive while listening to an exciting song♪

Q. If at the year-end party, during the talent show, what will you do?

Doojoon: Like Dongwoon-goon, I’ll sing a trot and sing flattery for my boss~. (Junhyung: This kind of people can never succeed (laughs)).
Hyunseung: Sing…? But even if everyone say “do it”, I might not (laughs).
Junhyung: A girl group’s dance♪
Yoseob: I will sing a really upbeat song really hard. A ballad is absolutely unacceptable (laughs).
Kikwang: A cool song or an upbeat song.
Dongwoon: If it’s in Korea, a trot to kiss up to the boss. If it’s in Japan, a rock song.

Q. If your older girlfriend works overtime?

Doojoon: I will call her out for a while, eat delicious food together, I’ll help her out at her work and will talk to her tenderly.
Hyunseung: I will look for her with food in my hands. Something like coffee. Without any signs, just naturally.
Junhyung: Because my girlfriend will have a harder time if I’m unable to sleep because I was worrying about her… I will sleep well! But if I were to bring food to her? Um~ Really spicy ddeokbokki.
Yoseob: ‘I’ll go to sleep first’ is what I’ll say to her when I talk to her on the phone but in reality I’ll go all the way to her office! Ah~ I’m so cool right~♪ Snacks? Um… Chicken feet.
Kikwang: I’ll buy her an energy drink and I’ll wait by her side till she ends.
Dongwoon: I’ll bring chicken and beer to her.

Q. Where do you see first on a woman?

Doojoon: Obviously the face first but, (Dongwoon: Body is next?) No… The look in her eyes is important! Of course we talk, then I will look at her personality and her inner side.
Hyunseung: Um~ This is hard… Truthfully her face? And her eyes. Also I like people who smile a lot.
Junhyung: I look at the overall balance. The harmony from her eyes till her lips. (Dongwoon: What is that!)
Yoseob: Face. Isn’t that a given? (Junhyung: For me, it’s the heart) Don’t lie (laughs)!
Kikwang: Although I do look at the face, I think what’s important is her attitude. Whether you like me or not (laughs).
Dongwoon: No matter how pretty someone is, if she doesn’t show much expression, there won’t be a lively feeling so a person who smiles/laughs a lot is good.

Q. Your favorite woman fragrance?

Doojoon: A smell that is akin to a baby.
Hyunseung: A soap kind of smell.
Junhyung: A shampoo or body shower that smells like coconut.
Yoseob: A fabric softener smell.
Kikwang: Her own smell. Not like a fragrance but her own natural smell. Isn’t that sexy!
Dongwoon: I like Jennifer Lopez’s frangrance.

Q. If you have a girlfriend, do you think you will devote yourself to her?

Doojoon: If there is a woman who comes along that I can devote myself to, it’s be really good♥
Hyunseung: I’ll be happy if I could devote myself to my girlfriend! The feeling of ‘I receive love’ is good.
Junhyung: If I had to choose, it would be good if the girlfriend can devote herself to me.
Yoseob: Um~, I think I would want to devote myself to her.
Kikwang: I think that if love is (given more) by one side, it cools down fast so if each of us gives the same degree of affection, it’ll be good!

Q. Please tell us 3 charms about the members!

Doojoon: Hyunseung-goon has a lot of good kind of greed. Passionate. Ideal (laughs).
Junhyung: Dongwoon-goon is really tall. Humorous and clever.
Hyunseung: Kikwang-goon is good looking, he sings well and has a lot of talent! He has a lot of charms that makes ladies like him.
Yoseob:  Junhyung-goon’s composing skills are magnificent! He raps well and lately his acting too has been well received isn’t it? He’s cool, sense of fashion is good, and above it all, he’s rich~♪ Oh? I said more than 3?
Kikwang: Doojoon-goon is a fun and gentle person. And he’s really popular with girls in Korea! You yourself know it right? (laughs) (Doojoon: No~♪)
Dongwoon: Yoseobie hyung is (Junhyung: Sings well, handsome~) Junhyungie hyung… It’s my turn! Um, and… A voice and heart that is able to receive love from anyone… I can even say up to 30 things. (Yoseob:  Is that the end?) And… If he takes his clothes off, a very fit body!

Credit: @a8sun  (SOURCE), @KongKongXD (JP-KR), @yongjunna (KR-EN).

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